[seqfan] Re: CROSSREFS

hv at crypt.org hv at crypt.org
Sat Oct 23 09:23:54 CEST 2010

Vladimir Orlovsky <4vladimir at gmail.com> wrote:
:Hello Seqfans,
:I have quostion about `Crossrefs`.
:So far, it's done very badly|incomplete.
:For example: seq `A` can have `Cf. B`, but seq `B` has NO reference|relation
:for seq 'A'.
:One life example:
:id:A144229  CROSSREFS:  Cf. A076725
:id:A076725  CROSSREFS  Cf. A000283, A112969, A114793.
:Adjacent sequences: A076722 A076723 A076724 this_sequence A076726 A076727
:Sequence in context: A175172 A126469 A054859 this_sequence A059917 A093625

In this example, the comments on A144229 make the connection clear:
A144229(n) = A076725(n)^2. That connection is a useful and important
comment for A144229, but may be not be particularly illuminating about

I have sometimes wished, though, whether there should additionally be
a way to ask "what other sequences have crossreferences to this one?"
Maybe there's already a way to do that with the search tool.

When there is no obvious relationship between a sequence and its crossref,
it may simply be a typo - we've had numerous examples in the past of
a crossref with a wrong digit, or a pair of digits transposed. In this
case it can be tricky to track down the correct, intended crossref.


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