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Some of this already exists. The underscore "_" represents an arbitrary 
number, so 7,_,38 will match 7 (not 1), anything, 38. Likewise, two 
underscores will match an arbitrary sequence of numbers - 11,__,99 for 
your example.. (I'm not sure if it will match nothing, or if it 
requires at least 1 number.)

There's been some discussion of matching at the beginning; the problem 
is that "the beginning" may change. The 1,3,8 you're looking for may 
actually be in the database as 0,1,3,8, with offset 0.

As part of my F-numbers proposal, I suggested allowing specification of 
the index a number is to be found at. I.e., 1->1,3,8 would look for 
a(1) = 1, followed immediately by 3 and 8.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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But seriously, some form of globbing might help with searching. For 


to look up 1,3,8 at beginning of


to look up an 1 followed by unknown number followed by 38,


to look up 11 followed by zero or more unknown elements followed by 99, 

On 8/26/2011 12:14 PM, David Newman wrote:
> I'm looking at A095646, but I don't see any line that entitiled 
"Sequence in
> context."  What am I doing wrong?
>   Of course! The sequences are sorted - see the "Sequence in context" 


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