[seqfan] A090864 == A118300

Ray Chandler rayjchandler at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 13 17:32:45 CET 2011

A090864 and A118300 agree for the terms given for both sequences.  I believe
them to be the same due to the comment from Perry in the related sequence
A006906 that A006906 has the same parity as A000009.


Any objections to merging the two sequences into A090864 and "killing"

In a related matter, the first formula entry for sequence A010815:
a(n) = (-1)^m if n is of the form m(3m+-1)/2; otherwise a(n)=0. These values
of n are the pentagonal numbers, A000326. 


It is not clear to what "these values" refers in the second sentence, but
assuming the reference is to values of n such that a(n)=+-1, then the
resulting sequence would be A001318, generalized pentagonal numbers, rather
than A000326.  The values of n such that a(n)=0 results in the complement of
the generalized pentagonal numbers, i.e. the surviving sequence in the
discussion above.

Ray Chandler

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