[seqfan] Change of email address

Ed Jeffery lejeffery7 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 06:52:04 CET 2011


I started using this gmail account solely for the purpose of posting
messages on this forum and getting the digest. Olivier told me that there
are too many problems with yahoo compatibility, so I decided to make it
easier for him by switching to gmail. I still use my other email address
ed.jeffery at yahoo.com for business and private communications as well as
sequence edits and submissions to OEIS, and any of you can contact me via
either address.

Finally, I have a question: When you post a message to seqfan, can you
attach a file as with any email message, or can you only embed links? I
think that some of the mathematics we communicate could be put in PDF form
using LaTeX to make it clearer and easier to read.

Best regards,

Ed Jeffery

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