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Harvey P. Dale hpd1 at nyu.edu
Sat Dec 31 17:36:41 CET 2011

	I read the blurb, which is very interesting, but I didn't see
your program.  Have you posted the Mathematica code somewhere?  or could
you send me a direct email with that code? (My email address is
hpd1 at nyu.edu.)




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Harvey P. Dale: "Has anyone tried to implement a program in Mathematica
that can take, e.g., the first ten integers and figure out different
ways of combining them using different mathematical operators... to
yield a given number?"

That's how I got my countdown. :)

I did this last year and wrote a little blurb about it here:


It's fairly easy of course to alter the parameters of the program to
count up, or otherwise restrict the number space.


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