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Paul D Hanna pauldhanna at juno.com
Thu Feb 10 22:57:26 CET 2011

Simon (and SeqFans), 
      Quite impressive!  On a very quick spot check I see your formula for A162162: 
  1-f(x)+(x+x^2)*f(x)^2+x^3*f(x)^3 ogf
and compare it to the OEIS definition of A162162:
  G.f. satisfies: A(x) = Catalan(x + x^2 + x^3*A(x)) 
and your formula is indeed correct, but not readily obvious (to me). 
When we update a OEIS sequence using your formula (after verifying its validity), 
how should one word the credits? 
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 I re-compiled a list of formulas from the OEIS
there are 31100 formulas here :


Best regards,

 Simon Plouffe


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