[seqfan] Re: Seeking Board's advice again re EULA -- key points of the OEISF Bylaws, Articles & Goals

Simon Plouffe simon.plouffe at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 07:15:39 CET 2011


 I am compiling a new set of formulas that
are automatically generated from my set of
programs and I have 1 idea that could be useful.

 There is a way to get a measure of the validity of
a conjectural formula, there are 3 pieces of information
we can use :

1) The number of known terms in the sequence.
2) The length in characters of the sequence.
3) The length of the supposed formula.

measure = log(number of terms)*length(sequence)/length(formula).

This gives a number from 0 to ...
 a value of < 4 is usualy suspect.
a value of 20 or more says that given the number of terms,
the length of the formula, this result can be considered quite good,

I am presently re-calculating all the formulas obtained so far and
the measure is quite precise.
So I propose to include this result in my list of formulas I have so
far, for the moment I will REJECT all formulas with a score of less
than 4 and look carefuly to the ones in between 4 and let's say 20
or more. The key measure is in fact the ratio between
length(sequence)/length(formula) the log part is to add a weight
, if a sequence contains only 6 terms then the confidence is low,
if the sequence contains 100 + terms then it add to the value
or score.

 if someone has a suggestion ? a more precise measure or
score, please let me know,

ps : I took the list of names from a recent post of mr Lebrun, please
could you forward this mail to other members of the sequence list
or the editor board ?

 best regards,
 Simon Plouffe

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