[seqfan] Re: FW: Paths on basket weave tiling

David Scambler dscambler at bmm.com
Fri Feb 18 00:22:30 CET 2011

>From corner to corner, what is the sum of the number of tiles under the paths and above the x-axis in an nXn tiling?

Actually, a 2n x 2n tiling because the tiles are 2x1, I get this for the area

0,6,104,1134,10272,84150,647208,4766622,34013312,236935206,1619490600, ...

So the number of tiles would be half that

0,3,52,567,5136,42075,323604,2383311,17006656,118467603,809745300, ...

No g.f. for this yet.


>From corner (0,0) to corner (2n, 2n) it is the Central Dellanoy numbers A001850,
and staying weakly above x=y it is the little Schroeders A001003.


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