[seqfan] Alford Arnold's sequence A167204

N. J. A. Sloane njas at research.att.com
Mon Feb 21 04:53:48 CET 2011

A167204 (currently at the bottom of the "Sequences awaiting review" stack)
appears to specify which of a sequence of triangles n belongs to.
The first triangle is A099627, which has a clear definition.
But the second is A124922, which I do not understand.
The third is A167201, also obscure, and so on.

The full sequence of triangles is displayed in A161924, but
this is also not too clear (even though it has a b-file
from Antti Karttunen).  There are several other sequences
mentioned in these entries which could also use better definitions.

In short, there is a web of related sequences from Alford that need work.
If anyone can shed light on any of them, please help by doing
some editing!

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