[seqfan] A173670 C program

webonfim webonfim at bol.com.br
Tue Jan 4 23:23:59 CET 2011

The C program is ok. I tested it using the software mentioned in it's commentary.
It is interesting that an efficient program appears in A173670. Pari in this particular
case is not efficient because of limitations of the base conversion routines in it. (But it is so
convenient that I wrote a Pari implementation.)
The MATHEMATICA program does not use the fact that the last non-zero digit of (10^n)! is the same
as the last non-zero digit of (2^n)!

Wishing that an efficient program, (I know that Sage is a good option), will eventually be add to this sequence, I will remove the C program from the sequence. It is not portable, the installation
is painful so practically nobody will use it.

I appreciate the messages and corrections from all the editors that patiently read my contributions, in this and other sequences. The OEIS will have improved sequences with them.

W. Bomfim

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