[seqfan] Re: Linear recurrences with large gaps

Douglas McNeil mcneil at hku.hk
Wed Jan 12 10:53:34 CET 2011

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 4:41 PM, Joerg Arndt <arndt at jjj.de> wrote:
> Hints about how you compute (that many terms of) A184257
> would be of interest for the computationalist btw.


One thing I think would be incredibly useful is if we got in the habit
of briefly explaining our methods if we can't include a code to show
it explicitly.  If a sequence can be easily computed using the
standard tricks (brute force, sieves, etc.), then that's fine, but
there are many sequences where I haven't the foggiest idea how a bound
or term was found and it seems completely magical.  In some cases even
a few words would make all the difference.  I'm as bad about this as
anyone although I've been trying to improve (e.g.

This would not only be good for teaching purposes but could serve as
another sanity check, if someone can look at an argument and say
"Wait, that doesn't work.."


Department of Earth Sciences
University of Hong Kong

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