[seqfan] Using webcam to search for "more" sequences

N. J. A. Sloane njas at research.att.com
Fri Jan 14 21:59:14 CET 2011

Dear Seq Fans, If you run the webcam, and set it to look for
"sequences needing more terms",
then I think you will see sequences with keyword "more",
and which need more terms. 

In other words, this is now working. I just tested it by looking
at 50 sequences, and they all had keyword "more".

But Harvey Dale tested it, and what he saw were many sequences
that already had 3 lines of numbers and did not have keyword "more".

This is a mystery.

Could some of you test this, and tell me what you see?
Is the webcam (set to "more") working or not?

If you find it is not working, could you please tell
me which browser you are using, and which operating system?



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