[seqfan] Re: Breaking news on partition numbers.

peter.luschny peter.luschny at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 25 20:01:24 CET 2011

jj> ..a nice "proof without words".

jj> I cannot, however, see how much more can be read from this picture
jj> and certainly not something worth calling "model" of any sort,

Sure this is a model: an object made with paperboard, Indian ink
and color nicely visualizing a mathematical idea. Today these
'models' are often made out of binary digits, are called
'demonstrations' and can be found on the Wolfram site.
However, I also like these old artistic models.

jj> Until this happens I'll remain the usual grumpy German,
jj> also known as Sauer Kraut.

Germans also have an old recipe against being grumpy: They drink
beer by the gallon. Hope that will help you also.

Cheers, Peter

P.S. By the way, have you already done your C++ implementation
of the new formula? We need support from the expert also on
non-soft questions.

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