[seqfan] R: Re: Ombudsman needed for OEIS?

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Thu Jan 27 15:39:52 CET 2011

Peter, your mail help me to better understand this question. Link very interesting.

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Oggetto: [seqfan] Re: Ombudsman needed for OEIS?
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Data: Giovedì 27 gennaio 2011, 13:49

The short answer is: 'No, this is not a good idea.'
In my eyes it is method to resolve existing conflicts
which is not adequate to a web based community project.

My proposal is: Install a list for 'meta'-questions separated
from this list on which complains can be put forward and
discussed by all. The 'pink boxes', although public, are too
hidden and not well suited for that.

Make the questions open and let the public be the ombudsman.
The more different views are discussed the more a resolution
of conflicts becomes likely; at least in the long run and for
those who are ready to learn from one another.

Here is a link to an excellent example of what I think is
the right way to handle things: http://meta.mathoverflow.net/
It is associated to the perhaps most impressive and successful
community driven and science related web project ever.



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