[seqfan] Ombudsman for OEIS

Vladimir Orlovsky 4vladimir at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 20:27:23 CET 2011

1. The short answer is: `Yes`
2. Any civilized organization should have some form of re-regulation.
(names can be different, but concept is very similar.)
3. SADLY, but so far, O-N-L-Y Donald Alan Morrison trying to present some
solution to the problem,
All The Rest just pushing personal openions ``raff-and-taff``
(yes, it's sound as barking dogs.)
4. Reallity is... OEIS is NOT really ready for web-prime-time!
Transition from few `rain-man-mathematitions` to `thousands of NOT
PhD-level-participants` is...
a slow process, and this Process with need to be handle with CARE.

Vladimir Orlovsky
4vladimir at gmail.com

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