[seqfan] Re: A005700 Number of Dyck paths: a(n) = <not a Dyck path>

David Scambler dscambler at bmm.com
Sat Jan 29 01:12:19 CET 2011

Charles said:
> We have several hundred sequences relating to (or purporting to relate
to) Dyck paths; do you think this (mis)use of terminology is common?

Neil said:
> Me: No.

I agree with Neil.

Searching "Dyck" gives 51 pages of results. The index to the OEIS links to 9 sequences.

I have set myself the task of checking each result with a view to a) understanding the
reference and b) devising a more comprehensive index (maybe a wiki section?).

I have studied 8 pages of responses so far and the entries are fine except for the one
that prompted this thread. Many of the comment entries are contributions by D Callan or E Deutsch
that serve to relate Dyck paths to many other objects.

The only comment I have is on style, namely, we have different terminology for the same thing:

Dyck paths of length 2n
Dyck paths of semilength n
Dyck n-paths

I do not propose any change to this.

I am also looking at the referenced papers if they include "Dyck" in the title, except for the pay-per-view ones.


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