[seqfan] Feedback on new OEIS and use to a-files

Sven Simon sven-h.simon at t-online.de
Wed Jun 1 02:02:30 CEST 2011

Hello seqfans,


I just want to give a little feedback to my first use of the new OEIS some
years after my last sequence. 

I found it very comfortable to define the new sequence, there were much less
possibilities to make failures. The whole workflow is easy to understand and
to use. Well done.


One failure which happened was, that I did not have a blank after each comma
between sequence values. There was'nt  a precise error message, so I had to
think a little, what might be wrong with my input. Should be easy, to
exchange comma without blank against comma with blank without giving an
error message. It is not so uncommon to save that extra blank after comma in
sequences - my opinion. But one might wish to have it not to comfortable,
that's ok too.


The use of a-files as an basic functionality in the web is quite easy - once
one has read the description on a-and b-files. It was possible to add data,
which was'nt in  the sequences involved (norms of complex primes). There are
so not many possibilities to make failures with those a-files, that's an
advantage for not so experienced users against more developed possibilities
to mix sequences. These would be a lot more work to implement, to test and
to fix those many wrong inputs, user  might give. (To be bad: There is not
to much work for a man, who has not to do it himself). The point Hans
Havermann mentioned about the change of a-files is correct. He mentioned the
lacking possibility to make changes in an a-file after it has been linked to
the sequence. 


Just to give a feedback - nothing more.


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