[seqfan] Should this be in OEIS?

Frank Ruskey ruskey at cs.uvic.ca
Sat Mar 26 07:30:15 CET 2011

I recently wrote a paper, "Fibonacci meets Hofstadter",  which will 
shortly appear in the Fibonacci quarterly
It contains the following solution to a recurrence relation:

a(n) =
0 if n < 0,
3 if n = 0 mod 3
6 if n = 1 mod 3
Fibonacci(m+5) if n = 3m+2

Is it worthwhile entering a(n) for n > 0 into the OEIS?  On the one hand 
it is somewhat
silly since is it is just the shuffling of 3 trivial sequences and one 
would hate to
open the floodgates to submissions of shuffles of sequences that are 
already in OEIS ---
and on the other hand it is a sequence that will appear in a math 
journal and is not
entirely contrived.  Opinions?


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