[seqfan] New name needed for a certain type of matrix I discovered.

Ed Jeffery ed.jeffery at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 12 06:08:40 CET 2011


I'm sure that mathematics authors don't make a habit of naming objects after themselves. For example, I doubt that the names Conway Group, Penrose Tiling or Einstein Summation were chosen by their respective discoverers/authors.Being an amateur recreational mathematician myself, I certainly wouldn't consider naming an object I discovered after myself. 

But I did discover a certain type of matrix which I call "unit-primitive" and whose definition is given on my OEIS Wiki page (still under construction):


I submitted several sequences to OEIS based on these matrices. I chose the words "unit" and "primitive" because of the form of their first-row vectors and the matrices' relation to Primitive Matrices associated with a certain class of rhombus substitution tilings. This certain class includes the Penrose, Harriss and Ammann tilings by rhombuses, or any of the infinite class of families of substitution tilings (showing full, localized n-fold rotational symmetry) which I also discovered along the way. I have to say that it is a shame that nobody has yet seen any my tilings.

My matrix theory roughly states the new tiling-theoretic result that any primitive matrix associated with a (correct class of) rhombus substitution tiling can be expressed as an integral linear combination of unit-primitive matrices: hence my use of the word "unit." However, now I would like to find a better name for them, because the word "primitive" seems to be a bit overloaded in mathematics. Any suggestions?

Thanks and regards,

Ed Jeffery

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