[seqfan] Re: A200000

Marc LeBrun mlb at well.com
Mon Nov 14 19:56:51 CET 2011

>="Omar E. Pol" <info at polprimos.com>
> I propose a sequence related to A100000...
> NAME: Marks found on the Ishango bone in nondecreasing order.

The Ishango bone is cool, and was a happy choice for A100000 in part because
it was in the news around the same time.  But just sorting its values
doesn't seem compelling enough for A200000.  In fact, on it's own merits (ie
without being a candidate for a special A number), this sequence would make
a pretty marginal submission.  This also doesn't seem like a precedent that
will scale well for A300000, A400000,...

In any case, whatever's chosen, A100000 (and A200000 et seq) ought to
include comments indicating that they were specially assigned to "100K
commemorative sequences".

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