[seqfan] Extending A198683

Alonso Del Arte alonso.delarte at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 02:54:20 CET 2011

With Vladimir's Mathematica program, I've been able to extend A198683 with
two more terms, a(11) and a(12). After almost 16 hours of calculation, I
have a(13) = 7543 but I don't trust the result because several overflow and
exceeding of machine precision error messages occurred in the course of
that computation. The machine I did it on has by default $MaxExtraPrecision
= 50, and several meprecs are triggered early on. So I upped it to 1000,
but meprecs are still triggered, though presumably later on.


P.S. A198683 is my choice for A200000. But, bureaucratically speaking, what
happens to the official choice? If (for the sake of illustration), A199555
is chosen, what happens to A199555? Does it get recycled? Would there be
any notation in Deleted Sequences?

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