[seqfan] Re: sequence challenge

Alois Heinz heinz at hs-heilbronn.de
Wed Nov 23 18:48:39 CET 2011

Ed, your sequence is a new candidate.

Please send it to the OEIS.  The measure (sum of the absolute
values of matrix elements) gives 9.  So it has the same size as
the one I mentioned.  Your matrix elements are all positive, which
is a new quality.


(I have sent these sequences: A200676, A200715, A200739, A200752)

Am 23.11.2011 02:36, schrieb Ed Jeffery:

> Alois, it looks like this is another one:
> Let M=[(0,1,0);(1,0,1);(0,1,5)], then
> {[M^n]_(0,0)}={1,0,1,0,2,5,29,145,758,3935,20466,...},
> n=0,1,2,..., with irreducible
> g.f.: (1-5*x-x^2)/(1-5*x-2*x^2+5*x^3)
> and not in OEIS. Is this "smaller" according to your
> definition? It seems to be term-wise smaller than your
> sequence, if that is relevant.
> Ed Jeffery

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