[seqfan] Missing sequence numbers

William Rex Marshall w.r.marshall at actrix.co.nz
Thu Nov 24 00:53:44 CET 2011

There is a gap in the OEIS where 698 sequence numbers have been skipped 
(A181891-A182588) so they never become allocated to anyone.

A182589 is the only dead sequence in the OEIS with nothing in the name 
and data fields, and is the only sequence number which is listed in the 
gzipped stripped file but not in the gzipped names file.

Consequently, nearby sequences have a large gap in the adjacent 
sequences listed in their Cross-refs fields, jumping from A181890 to 

There are also many sequence numbers which had been allocated to people 
up to a year ago that have never been recycled. These include A173656, 
A173718, A173719, A174651, A174849, A178921, A178959, A180058, A181777, 
A181783, A181848, A182662-A182668, A182780, A183168, A183188-A183193, 
etc. Surely those which have not been edited since they were allocated 
more than, say, five or six weeks ago should be recycled, rather than 
left unused indefinitely.

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