[seqfan] Re: Missing sequence numbers

N. J. A. Sloane njas at research.att.com
Thu Nov 24 01:36:57 CET 2011

>Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 12:53:44 +1300
>From: William Rex Marshall <w.r.marshall at actrix.co.nz>
>Subject: [seqfan] Missing sequence numbers

>There is a gap in the OEIS where 698 sequence numbers have been skipped 
>(A181891-A182588) so they never become allocated to anyone.

>A182589 is the only dead sequence in the OEIS with nothing in the name 
>and data fields, and is the only sequence number which is listed in the 
>gzipped stripped file but not in the gzipped names file.

>Consequently, nearby sequences have a large gap in the adjacent 
>sequences listed in their Cross-refs fields, jumping from A181890 to 

>There are also many sequence numbers which had been allocated to people 
>up to a year ago that have never been recycled. These include A173656, 
>A173718, A173719, A174651, A174849, A178921, A178959, A180058, A181777, 
>A181783, A181848, A182662-A182668, A182780, A183168, A183188-A183193, 
>etc. Surely those which have not been edited since they were allocated 
>more than, say, five or six weeks ago should be recycled, rather than 
>left unused indefinitely.

I agree with all this - Russ, I thought there was a mechanism that will automatically
assign unused A-numbers? Maybe A181891-A182588 got overlooked
back a year ago when we changed the way A-numbers were assigned?

I just took care of A182589, by recycling the A-number


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