[seqfan] Re: easy and bref

Richard Mathar mathar at strw.leidenuniv.nl
Sat Oct 1 15:57:49 CEST 2011

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ftaw> To: seqfan at list.seqfan.eu
ftaw> From: Franklin T. Adams-Watters
ftaw> Don't forget the "more" keyword. In an ideal world, the sequences 
ftaw> marked as "hard" under an expansive definition ought to be the same as 
ftaw> the ones marked "more". In practice, there are sequences marked "more" 

I disagree. There are sequences that are "hard" but not flagged "more"
because either
i) No more terms are wanted. These are categories where the definition
 is basically out of scope of any serious mathematical work, is made up
 by mixing all kind of "look-and-say", "base-dependent" "prime" and other
 funny and unappealing properties.
ii) The sequence is hard, but by now the standard 3+ lines  with information
  worth roughly 200+ bytes are known which is enough to give unique
  search-and-recovery properties.

"Hard" and "more" *are* distinct categories. "More" is an appeal to submit
more terms, whereas "hard" is (a vaguely time-dependent) property of the


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