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Why? Specifically, what is your response to my point (2)?

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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While I agree with your point 1), I disagree with removing the keyword. 
think that what needs to be done is to gradually identify those 
that ought to have it and add it as we encounter those sequences.


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> While we're on the subject, I would like to suggest removing the 
> keyword.
> 1) Current application is very hit or miss. There are tens of 
thousands of
> easy sequences that do not have the keyword.
> 2) I don't know what it's good for. Why would anyone every search for
> "easy" (or not "easy")? Leaving aside the current searches for 
> like "easy" and "more".
> 3) Showing that a sequence is easy is better done with a comment, 
> or program, so that one can see why it is easy.
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