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Oh, and the answer is that it is _not_ always nonnegative: the first
value of x such that there are more primes up to x of the form 3n+1 
than 3n+2 is 608,981,813,029.  

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On Oct 8 2011, franktaw at netscape.net wrote:

>https://oeis.org/draft/A174695 is the number of primes, through the 
>n-th prime, congruent to 5 (mod 6), minus the number congruent to 1 
>(mod 6).
>I seem to remember seeing something recently implying that this 
>sequence is always nonnegative. I don't remember where, however. Can 
>anyone clarify this, or am going into early senility?
>Franklin T. Adams-Watters
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