[seqfan] Arithmetic progressions of squares

Benoît Jubin benoit.jubin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 09:40:57 CEST 2011

Dear Seqfans,

There does not seem to be OEIS sequences listing arithmetic
progressions of squares. The triples are characterized in
and it is shown that there is no arithmetic progression of four squares in
(I saw these papers while reading this question:

It would be nice if someone could list these triples (ideally(?):
smallest, middle, largest elements, common differences, corresponding
smallest, middle, largest arguments; and the same restricting to
triples which are not multiples of smaller ones).

PS: I'm sorry this email sounds a bit like "please do that for me",
but (1) I really don't have time right now (2) it would take me much
more time to write a program to list and order them than most people
here (3) at least now the request is written somewhere, and if no one
finds time for it, I might do it next semester when I have more time.
So I thought it was still better to write this email than do nothing.

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