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Mon Oct 24 20:12:58 CEST 2011

I have one real problem with the way Peter has identified orderings of 
partitions, both in the referenced link and in existing OEIS entries. 
That is that he has conflated the ordering of the partitions with the 
ordering of the parts of each partition. Changing the ordering of the 
parts does not change the partition itself. Thus, assuming his basic 
nomenclature is used, I would describe http://oeis.org/A036036 
something like "graded colexigraphic ordering with reflected 

I do think the main orderings should be identified by names. The 
average user of the OEIS, seeing "graded colexigraphic ordering", is 
not going to know what this means. He may not know what the name means, 
either, but he can at least remember the name while looking up its 

I originally suggested the names "Abramowitz & Stegun" and 
"Mathematica" since they were the sources available to me at that 
point. No one raised any objections at the time. I don't particularly 
like either name, especially the "Mathematica".

So what should these be named?

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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> Alonso wrote:
> Currently, there are 28 entries with "Mathematica" in the Name field. 
> of these might have a valid reason IF we agree that there is such a 
thing as
> the "Mathematica order of partitions."

>> Wouter wrote:
>> any suggestions to improve on "Mathematica order of partitions" ?
>> and, while were are at it, for "A&S" - alias 

I have written about that in
Cf. the section "Popular orderings on OEIS".


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