[seqfan] Re: "see Mathematica program for definition"

Charles Greathouse charles.greathouse at case.edu
Mon Oct 24 21:22:47 CEST 2011

I agree that names like "Abramowitz & Stegun ordering" are easier to
remember than names like "graded colexigraphic ordering".  (I suppose
it's not really a big issue, since we'll presumably include one in the
name and the other in a comment.)

I also agree on ordering vs. presentation.

Charles Greathouse
Case Western Reserve University

On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 2:12 PM,  <franktaw at netscape.net> wrote:
> I have one real problem with the way Peter has identified orderings of
> partitions, both in the referenced link and in existing OEIS entries. That
> is that he has conflated the ordering of the partitions with the ordering of
> the parts of each partition. Changing the ordering of the parts does not
> change the partition itself. Thus, assuming his basic nomenclature is used,
> I would describe http://oeis.org/A036036 something like "graded
> colexigraphic ordering with reflected presentation".
> I do think the main orderings should be identified by names. The average
> user of the OEIS, seeing "graded colexigraphic ordering", is not going to
> know what this means. He may not know what the name means, either, but he
> can at least remember the name while looking up its meaning.
> I originally suggested the names "Abramowitz & Stegun" and "Mathematica"
> since they were the sources available to me at that point. No one raised any
> objections at the time. I don't particularly like either name, especially
> the "Mathematica".
> So what should these be named?
> Franklin T. Adams-Watters
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> From: Peter Luschny <peter.luschny at googlemail.com>
>> Alonso wrote:
>> Currently, there are 28 entries with "Mathematica" in the Name field.
> Some
>> of these might have a valid reason IF we agree that there is such a
> thing as
>> the "Mathematica order of partitions."
>>> Wouter wrote:
>>> any suggestions to improve on "Mathematica order of partitions" ?
>>> and, while were are at it, for "A&S" - alias
> "Abramowitz-Stegun"-order?
> I have written about that in
> http://oeis.org/wiki/User:Peter_Luschny/IntegerPartitionTrees
> Cf. the section "Popular orderings on OEIS".
> Peter
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