[seqfan] Re: "Suggested Projects" page on the wiki

Moshe Levin moshe.levin at mail.ru
Tue Oct 25 17:44:10 CEST 2011

Dear Prof. Noe,

Please stop writing trivialites...( I also have some 50 yr submitting/reviewing/editing practice ;-)).
I'm talking about rules, not examples/exclusions.

The simple truth is, that, there are many trivial and lengthy b-fiiles 
and there are many trivial sequences/editings/programs etc. etc, 
and not wishing to deal with "usual  suspects" 
(e.g., check "new" sequences and you'll find hundreds of submissions of the same author(s)) 
some  Editors (only minor part of them are active anyway) fill their time with nitpickings.
Of course I'm again playing with fire, but... 
Ask Ha-Shem for my dissident behavior.

Regards, ML

25 октября 2011, 10:16 от "T. D. Noe" <noe at sspectra.com>:
> (I have been submitting sequences for about 10 years.  I have been editing
> sequences for about a year.)
> As I said before, limits are a good thing when it comes to b-files.  There
> are many reasons for this:
> In general, every doubling of the b-file size cuts the response time in
> half.  For many sequences, it is easy to submit b-files with 10^6 terms.
> Is seeing that many terms good?  No, it is a waste of people's time to wait
> for such a large file.  And you lose detail when you view a file having
> more than about 10000 terms.
> If the sequence is interesting, why not upload a _plot_ of 10^6 terms?  I
> have done that with a few sequences.  You can always add a link to the
> actual 10^6 terms. But don't make it a b-file.  Except for a few cases, I
> doubt that OEIS wants such potentially large files.
> For many (most) sequences, the interesting things happen either never or at
> the beginning of the sequence.  There are the relatively few sequences that
> do not follow this rule.  If we do not have limits, users will submit 10^5
> or 10^6 or 10^7 terms to see their name in print.  Again, if a sequence is
> that interesting to you, then upload a plot, do research, etc.
> Best regards,
> Tony

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