[seqfan] Re: "Internal format" html change?

Ron Hardin rhhardin at att.net
Wed Oct 26 16:33:40 CEST 2011

That's interesting.

I guess it breaks (or broke) when the 10th term happens to happen at the 
beginning of a line, since I use that one to figure out offset, and it will 
count the html as a term.

My old script was written Dec 2, so it probably changed after that date; I would 
have noticed the internal format has added stuff, surely.

At least, I suppose surely.

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> On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 7:16 AM, Ron Hardin <rhhardin at att.net> wrote:
> > The  internal-format linked page seems to have changed internally, adding a
> >  mysterious </tt></p><p style="...... at the end of each  line.
> >
> > see eg http://oeis.org/A010000/internal and click "view source" in  the 
> >
> > I noticed it this morning because my file-duplicate  offset determining wget
> > shell stopped working, though easily fixed with  the addition of
> > sed '/<\/tt.*/s///'|
> I am not sure why this  would have affected your script today.
> It has been like this for months and  months, perhaps back to
> the launch of the new OEIS last November.
> For  plain text you can use
> http://oeis.org/search?fmt=text&q=id:A010000
> Russ
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