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I don't think we want to get too much into the OEIS computing things 
for us. That isn't its primary focus, and tools for which it is the 
primary focus are always going to be better at it. Beyond a certain 
point, you download the sequence into a tool like PARI or Mathematica, 
or even into a spreadsheet, and work with it there.

Also, memory has gotten much cheaper, but it still isn't free and 
unlimited. Mathematics is one field of endeavor that can easily blow 
away any plausible computational limits.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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"T. D. Noe" <noe at sspectra.com> writes

> As I said before, limits are a good thing when it comes
> to b-files.  There are many reasons for this:
> In general, every doubling of the b-file size cuts the
> response time in half.  For many sequences, it is easy
> to submit b-files with 10^6 terms.  Is seeing that many
> terms good?  No, it is a waste of people's time to wait
> for such a large file.  And you lose detail when you view
> a file having more than about 10000 terms.

There's no reason, other than sucking up more of Russ's valuable time,
that oeis.org couldn't allow uploading of b-files of arbitrary
length, but by default only deliver an initial subsequence, indicated,
say by tweaking the b-file URL syntax.  For example A001235's
b-file link is http://oeis.org/A001235/b001235.txt.  We could have
http://oeis.org/A001235/b001235.txt?count=100 return just the first
100 terms, and present that URL as well wherever the b-file link is
normally presented.  (And we could make compression optional, by 
like http://oeis.org/A001235/b001235.txt?count=inf,compression=zip.  You
can imagine tweaking this idea indefinitely. Formatting options? 
bases? Superseeker transformations?)

Tom Duff.  Probably does everything except what you want it to do.


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