[seqfan] Re: suggestion for a competition?

Matevž Markovič matevz.markovic.v at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 20:38:48 CEST 2011

2011/10/28 Ed Jeffery <ed.jeffery at yahoo.com>

> How about temporarily adding a "Submit for competition" button on the OEIS
> submission form?
> Ed
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I think that a temporarily "Submit for competition" checkbox when adding new
or editing old sequences would be more appropriate, because as Moshe Levin
wrote, we should focus on improving sequences which are already in the OEIS
database. Plus, having separate buttons is in my opinion more cumbersome.

For example, checkbox "Submit for competition" can be located right next to
the "Save Changes" button in https://oeis.org/edit/new. Of course, that
would necessitate proper documentation on who should click on this checkbox.

>I'm curious as to your thoughts on what undergrads can/should do in a
>competition like this.  I agree that solving open OEIS conjectures
>will largely be out of reach.
>Charles Greathouse

While your remark about undergrads+conjectures is definitely true for me, I
think that some are able to do such things.
Definitely, undergraduates can:
1) Find alternate definitions of sequences (Andrews proposal)
2) Extend more+hard sequences (Andrews proposal)
3) Write as much as possible optimized programs for computing existing
sequences (for sequences without programs)

Matevž Markovič

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