[seqfan] On editors-authors discussions

Vladimir Shevelev shevelev at bgu.ac.il
Thu Sep 8 18:27:28 CEST 2011

I am sure that the editor-author discussion should have a constructive character, when an editor really helps to the author. In my opinion, a  destructive discussion begins from phrases " it should be 260 characters", "it is similar to a project which is not ready for OEIS", "your sequence has too many zeros," "is, really, your sequence for OEIS?", etc. Such a "help" is extremely unpleasant for the author. By the way, we know that the author should submit at least 3-4 terms (he is not always a programmer), that the number of zeros at the beginning of a sequence does not indicate whether it is interesting, that it is very nice if a scientific project is accompanied by the sending of well defined new sequences to OEIS, etc. It is very pleasant, when the submitted sequence is extended by the editor, when he discusses about the improvements of  the title, definition, comment or formula. Our joint work is very important for the further development of OEIS.

Best regards,

 Shevelev Vladimir‎

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