[seqfan] Re: about 10000 numbers, a certain document from M.I. Shamos.

Richard Mathar mathar at strw.leidenuniv.nl
Fri Sep 9 12:30:36 CEST 2011

On my wish list --as a physicist with a desire to find values of integrals,
sums and other non-integer stuff-- is a database like OEIS (that is, maintained,
with an option to submit new values) which does this for the
As Shamos correctly points out, the Plouffe database does not match the
interest that stems from some real-world applications, but is a rather
artificial set. The mix of values like Madelung constants, zeta-values,
special functions (Gamma, Hypergeometric, Elliptic integrals) is statistically
different from what is offered by these numbers.
   In the past, I have submitted these values to the OEIS. That works
well, and the "keyword:cons" is essentially all what is desired,
but the fact that the OEIS can "revert" floating point numbers
as good as integers is not that widely known. Note that the question
of a "finite precision" of these does certainly *not* arise in practise.
  In addition, nobody of the audience that I have in mind would search
for a integer representation (continued fraction, Engel expansion,...)
in favor of the decimal representation. The idea do attack these series
of digits with Mobius transforms is ... blasphemy..


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