[seqfan] Comments in A101333 are out of place

Jeremy Gardiner jeremy.gardiner at btinternet.com
Thu Sep 15 22:16:35 CEST 2011

I think the comments in A101333 are out of place:

The comments imply that the binary form of the terms should be periodic
100000,... however for example binary(66577)=10000010000010001

I have checked the definition A101333 = A081254-A072762 is correct.

A101333 as it stands is:

I think the comments refer to this (non-existent) sequence:


The cross referenced sequences A000975, A033138, A083593, A119610, A117302
all fit the pattern implied by the comments.

It appears that the non-existent sequence needs to be created and the
comments, program code, and cross references need to be removed from A101333
and added to the new sequence; and cross references back to A101333 need to
be changed to reference the new sequence?

If no-one objects, shall I go ahead and submit corrections?

Jeremy Gardiner

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