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you got a good point there:
ideally, each sequence should be accompanied by a short program in an
intelligible programming language,
or refer to where such calculation procedure can be found and checked..
Or its clear-speak definition should outline a short and specific method.

But remember that many sequences were collected from literature sources,
where often the generation of extra terms was not a point of interest.
Moreover, many literature references are unavailable on the web.

I hold it as a 'supreme goal' to be able to sometimes provide short programs
for such 'shifty' sequences.
Rarely realized, though.

And then, we hit the issue of program clarity. Many of my contributions (for
one)  might be improved,
sacrificing compactness for clarity. We might all shudder to think of what
the next generation will think of our efforts.
And it's for them that we do it, no? (the ungrateful lot!).



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> Dear SeqFans,
> Another keyword combination that is quite ugly to my eye is "easy" and
> "more". I've cleaned up quite a few of these by adding more terms, but
> are still 291 remaining. Most of these sequences still contain both
> for one of two reasons: either the sequence is difficult to understand
> and/or needs editing by someone with expertise in the area (such as
> A002875), or it is "easy" to construct small terms by hand but writing a
> program to compute terms seems to be a nontrivial task (such as A072149).
> - Nathaniel Johnston
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