[seqfan] Re: A (new) constant related to the Lucas-Lehmer-test. Is this worth an entry in OEIS?

Gottfried Helms helms at uni-kassel.de
Fri Apr 6 20:39:48 CEST 2012

Hi Robert -

 thanks for your enthusiasm! Well I'll include that suggestion

> Lesser things: suggestions for your paper...
>   LucLeh = ln(2+sqrt(3)) / 4
into that small treatize.

I couldn't recognize any relation of the discussion in the arXiv -
article to the derivations in question, so I think, that
match of leading digits is just coincidence...

And I like the idea, that you want to give that innocent
young constants a warm place on your nice numbers-page, I don't
know whether I could nurture them and keep them alive by myself... :-)

I'll also look forward to find out whether they make it into the
OEIS or not.

Kind regards -

Gottfried Helms


Am 06.04.2012 06:38 schrieb Robert Munafo:
> Hi Gottfried,
> I like those sorts of things and will probably add it to my
> numbers page [1], but I was curious, so I did a Google search
> and found a possible match, by an author that clearly has no
> idea of a connection (if any).

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