[seqfan] Re: Primes from Indices of Pi and E

Veikko Pohjola veikko at nordem.fi
Tue Apr 24 10:24:14 CEST 2012

Dear Seqfans,

I would like to have the discussion more general about what should not be 
included in OEIS. There are, for instance, numerous sequences in OEIS, which 
are just instances of a given class of sequence, which can reproduce itself 
in infinitely many different ways. The fact that some have been published 
cannot mean that any other instance of the class should. How about 
sub-sequences, should they be excluded and on what basis?

A couple of examples.

In A052378 the prime quadruples follow the gap pattern [4,2,4], but there 
are (obviously infinitely many) other gap patterns which produce all the 
sequences, some of which (like those listed as cross references of A078854) 
are in OEIS. I cannot see any publication policy to justify why those now in 
OEIS are there. The general pattern [a,b,c] is known, however, by which the 
class itself is defined and can be exploited to cover all its instances.

The recent A210582 is the numbers whose first digit is the remainder of 
their division by the last digit. Should the sub-sequence, where "numbers" 
is replaced by "primes" be included. I think it should not.

Best regards,


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> My two cents: No.
> At 3:40 PM -0400 4/23/12, Harvey P. Dale wrote:
>>            This sequence gives the indices at which a single digit of
>>Pi plus a single digit of E sum to a prime: 1,3,5,6,7,9,10,12,14,15,19 .
>>. .  For example, the 5th digit of Pi is 5, the fifth digit of E is 2,
>>and 5+2 = 7.  It is easy to generate other similar sequences.  For
>>example, this sequence gives the indices starting at which the next ten
>>digits of Pi (read as a number) plus the next ten digits of E (again
>>read as a number) sum to a prime:
>>1,6,22,32,119,123,146,152,189,216,230,255 . . .
>>            Is any of this worth putting into the OEIS?
>>            Best,
>>            Harvey
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