[seqfan] Likely an error in the sequences A046144, A046146 names

Raman raman22feb1988 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 18:56:43 CET 2012

In my opinion, the definition of the sequences A046144, A046146
seems appearing to be incorrect. According to the definition of
primitive root - 'x' is a primitive root (mod n) if the order of 'x'
(mod n) is being equal to phi(n).

So, if 'x' is a primitive root (mod n), then so is 'x+n', 'x+2n', 'x+kn',
So, if there is one primitive root of n (if n is being a member of the
A033948), then there are infinitely many, in this way. Otherwise there are
(n belongs to the sequence A033949).

In my opinion, the name of the sequence A046144 should be
Number of primitive roots of n, <= n.
Number of primitive roots (mod n).

Similarly the definition of the sequence A046146 need to be
Largest primitive root of n less than n, or 0 if no root exists.
Largest primitive root (mod n), or 0 if no root exists.

If everything is being in doubt, you can be able to clearly verify it with
sequence A071894 clearly stating
Largest positive primitive root (< p) of the n-th prime p.

Please avoid putting me into long waits, but be keeping on with doing from
now onwards with whatever is
being good enough for the OEIS with these corrections things, stuffs in
these process !!!

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