[seqfan] A104851

Harvey P. Dale hpd1 at nyu.edu
Sat Feb 4 15:26:10 CET 2012

	This sequence lists "Primes from merging of 10 successive digits
in decimal expansion of e."  It seems obvious that the primes listed
will depend on how many digits of e are generated before looking for
10-digit primes.  I generated 10 million digits of e and could not find
the first term of the above sequence in them.  On the other hand, using
only 10,000 digits of e I found 398 10-digit primes.  Only 10 of those
398 primes appear in the above sequence, out of a total of 18 terms
included in it.

	Something seems wrong, and I'd like suggestions about how to fix
it: (1) shouldn't a comment be added about how many digits of e were
searched (or perhaps that should even be included in the definition or
Name of the sequence), and (2) shouldn't the terms of the sequence then
be corrected accordingly?



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