[seqfan] Re: A104851

Harvey P. Dale hpd1 at nyu.edu
Sun Feb 5 21:31:11 CET 2012

	I have now corrected A104851, including adding lots of relevant
cross references, so it's okay.  I'm content to have A198176 deleted,
but (1) I don't know how to delete a sequence and (2) I don't know how
thereafter to update the Deleted Sequences page on the wiki.
Instructions please?
	I would bet that there are several cross references to A198176
in other sequences and I assume those should also be deleted once the
sequence itself is deleted?

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> it turns out that
A198176 is the same as the corrected A104851.  It also turns out that
A198176 was submitted by me!  Should A104851 be deleted?

No, the usual procedure is to correct the older sequence
- giving yourself credit, of course - and to delete the newer one.

Yes, this makes it seem that you submitted a duplicate, but no one will
blame you!

Don't forget, please, to update the Deleted Sequences page on the wiki.
(Incidentally you will see there several examples where the same thing
has happened to me, I've deleted my own contributions because they
turned out to be correct versions of earlier incorrect submissions by

 Best regards

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