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I am certain it is wrong. The formula (correcting the final k to n) is 
for the sequence which concatenates 
<n-1,n-2,n-3,...,0,n-1,n-2,n-3,...,0> for each n. A025672 depends on 
log(3)/log(8), which is an irrational number, so it does not have this 
form. I don't where they diverge, but I would guess it's not much past 
the published sequence.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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From: David Wilson <davidwwilson at comcast.net>

The sender already A025672 the sequence with the following formula.

My intuition says the formula is wrong.

Any takers?

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Subject: 	Formula for A025672

Dear David W. Wilson,

I am glad to say I found a formula for the sequence A025672 .

A025672(n)  =  floor((1/4)*ceil(2*sqrt(n))^2)-k

I hope it is useful.


Mircea Merca,

Department of Informatics,

Constantin Istrati Technical College,

105600 Campina, Romania


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