[seqfan] Integer coeff. for differential form of elliptic curves

Thomas Copeland tccopeland at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 04:12:42 CET 2012

Dear Seq Fans,

Might be interesting to have OEIS listings for the integral coefficients of
the diff form for elliptic curves given on pg. 183 in eqn. 15 of  Tate's
"The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves" (
http://www.kryakin.com/files/Invent_mat_%282_8%29/23/23_01.pdf) and the
reduced form on pg. 9 of Hoffman's "Topics in Elliptic Curves and Modular
Forms" (https://www.math.lsu.edu/~hoffman/papers/elmod.pdf), also maybe for
the formal group law and expansion of E in terms of z in eqn. 13 of Tate.
(I'd do it myself, but I'm on extended travel and might not have access to
symbolic math apps for a couple of months.)

Tom Copeland

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