[seqfan] Re: A104128

Harvey P. Dale hpd1 at nyu.edu
Mon Feb 27 20:43:04 CET 2012

	The new sequence is already added (A208506), courtesy of Richard
Mathar, and I have added a Mma program for it also.
	If you want to add a comment to A104128 reflecting that the
terms do not match the definition, I think that would be a very helpful

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At 8:36 AM -0500 2/27/12, Harvey P. Dale wrote:
>            Tony having reverted my changes to the above sequence (and 
>I have no complaints about that), the sequence terms do not match the 
>definition (Name) of the sequence.  Shouldn't some amendment to the 
>definition, or comment, be added?

Yes, do you want to say that the name does not match the numbers?  I
sent an e-mail to the author.  Can you add the new sequence?  All the
information is still in the history of A104128.

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