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Hi Franklin

I have put some Mathematica code for this on the sequence page and run it for n=1 to 100000.

The numbers that appear more than twice (and there could be many others) are in an attached pdf file - together with their frequency of occurrence - sent to you directly.

Hope that helps

Ant King (UK)

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> https://oeis.org/A061205 is the sequence of integers multiplied by 
> their digit reversals; e.g. a(12) = 12*21 = 252.
> The sequence includes the squares of palindromes times powers of 10, 
> each occurring once; and products of non-palindromes and their 
> reversals, each occurring twice.
> What I'm wondering is whether there are any other duplications in the 
> sequence; equivalently, any number that occurs more than twice in the 
> sequence.
> Franklin T. Adams-Watters
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