[seqfan] Re: A071022 etc rule cellular automaton values

Kevin Ryde user42 at zip.com.au
Thu Jan 12 21:22:53 CET 2012

Hans Havermann <gladhobo at teksavvy.com> writes:
> I've submitted corrections to A071022-A071027, A071029-A071035, and
> A071037-A071041,

Looks good.

> I didn't look hard enough. It was A071036, of course. I made the
> correction and noted: "The correction makes this sequence a duplicate
> of A118110."

Yes.  Three other possible similar duplicates

    A071030 A118109  rule 54
    A071033 A118102  rule 94
    A071037 A118172  rule 158

A071026 and A118174 are both rule 188, but I see your A071026 is just
the right half n+1 cells, whereas the latter is the whole 2n+1 row
including the 0s on the left.  Maybe if keeping both A118174 could note
its row length and the two cross reference each other.

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