[seqfan] A214326.

Ed Jeffery lejeffery7 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 23:26:17 CEST 2012

Dear OEIS editors, including Joerg Arndt, Tony Noe and Alois Heinz:

Regarding A214326, the sequence was approved without resolving issues which
were pointed out by me and Joerg Arndt. Once a sequence is approved, the
author can't communicate further internally, unless he or she is an editor.
So I have to resolve this here. Please respond privately.

What I would like to happen to resolve these issues is:

(i) Give me permission to edit the sequence to get it back to the form in
which it was originally intended and submitted, except that I would like to
remove the first row and probably add the initial zeros. That will leave a
table of nine rows giving the base b representations of the Fibonacci
numbers for b = 2..10. Note that the whole point of the submission was
simply to gather together existing OEIS sequences for the sake of
convenience, comparison and reference. The base b restriction, b in
{2..10}, is because other bases cannot be properly notated, at least not in
a way that is consistent. For base b, we should have all representations in
the same form, which is Fib(n) = d_0*b^0 + d_k*b^k (say), with the
coefficients d_j in {0..b-1}, which is generally impossible for b = 1 or b
> 10 without introducing non-numeric characters.

(ii) Or, one or more of the editors could do (i).

(iii) Otherwise, if not (i) or (ii), then please remove my name and put
Alois Heinz as author, since his edits produced a sequence that is not in
the spirit of my original submission. (His version is presumably an
infinite square array, which, as we have just seen, is impossible, and I
don't mean this in an unkind way, Alois.)

(iv) Otherwise, if none of the above, then just recycle the A-number and
that will solve the whole problem.



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