[seqfan] Re: Display of triangular arrays with a cap.

Maximilian Hasler maximilian.hasler at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 17:02:43 CEST 2012

> I just was confused again while looking at:
> http://oeis.org/A091913
> The definition and the data are correct, the display of all

I disagree, nowhere in the definition it is made clear that and why
the line n=0 goes up to k=n while from n=1 on they are restricted to k
< n.
BTW since the range of k depends on n it would be much more
understandable if inequalities would be written as k<n and not n>k.

I'll suggest some edits in this sense an encourage others to do the same.

The solution to the more general question is not keyword "tabl0" but
an extended keyword, here : tabf / tabl(A028310), giving the row
lengths via another sequence (while the offset of the 2-dim sequence
gives the number of the initial row.
I try to promote since several years, and it is a rather quick hack
(formally robust and "backward compatible") to implement it
(as Wolfdieter Lang and others, including myself, have done it since
many years).


> tables is wrong and misleading. So all one can do now is to replace
> the 'tabl' keyword by 'tabf'. On the other hand there is nothing funny
> about theses tables and one certainly want to see the triangle
> and the other table formats by just ignoring the first item of the
> sequence.
> The problem can obviously be easily solved: If the keyword 'tabl0'
> is given the first entry of the data is to be suppressed before
> the data is forwarded to the formatter.
> Peter
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